Astro Course Video Recordings

Recorded at the UCCI Observatory in Grand Cayman,
organized by the Cayman Islands Astronomical Society (C.I.A.S.)

Course Overview

The following sessions are best watched while viewing the accompanying PDF at the same time.

Geology Presentation by Mr. Hendrik van Genderen in PDF Format 

Session 5, March 22, 2022     46 Minutes, Geology of the Cayman Islands
Book: Islands from the Sea by Murray A. Roed
Book: Geology of the Cayman Islands by Brian Jones

Raspberry Shake Earthquake registration presentation by Ruud in PDF Format

Session 6A, March 24, 2022     15 Minutes, Raspberry Shake Seismograph   Affordable Seismograph - Download the free App
Live, Cayman data from the Raspberry Shake   Click on "See Live Streaming" and "See 24-hr Plot" for more info.  
The Grand Cayman Station is: AM.R667B.00.SHZ 

Session 6B, March 24, 2022     85 Minutes, blue Skies, Rainbows and green Flash by Ty Miller    Atmospheric Optics web site    Green Flash Video by Ty Miller   Green Flash explanation by Ty Miller

Telescopes Presentation by Peter Hughes in PDF Format

Session 7A, March 29, 2022     56 Minutes, all about Telescopes / Binoculars by Peter Hughes and Cathy Church   Choosing your first Telescope   Explanation of focal length/aperture etc.    About binoculars….

Printable Sun Dial in PDF Format as used during Session 8

Session 8, March 31, 2022     65 Minutes, Sun Dials by Ty Miller   Printable Sun Dial    Equation of Time

Session 12A, April 14, 2022   30 Minutes, Intentional Satellites by Arthur McTaggart 

The Light and your Eyes presentation by Corey Cristian in PDF Format

Session 12B, April 14, 2022    25 Minutes, Light and your Eyes by Corey Christian

The Mental Health and Astronomy presentation by Cottrell Ellis in PDF Format

Session 12C, April 14, 2022   17 Minutes, Mental Health and Astronomy by Cottrell Ellis 

Session 12D, April 14, 2022   31 Minutes, Tides, Meteor Showers and Large Telescopes by Ty Miller

12 Inch Telescope used during the evening sessions: